and those are the best

You once told me that I will breathe again, bleed again, but not for the same reason. You once told me that it’s better to paint my walls with pain than to feel nothing. From me to you, I want you to place your own words in your mouth and taste the truth in them. This time around, this is for the lady with a fragmented soul.

My dear, you are more than your inks and your words. You are more than the bandages you tuck in your pockets in case your heart or body bleeds again. You are more than the red paint splashed late at night when your ears are ringing from the overwhelming noise around you and when your eyes open the floodgates of pain. You are more than the screams and cries you gather and store in your lungs. You are more than the deserts, train tracks, and road cracks you’ve mapped on your body. You are more than the voices in your head suffocating you in their whirlwind of lies and drowning you in their abyssal sea of darkness.

You inhale everything around you, even the ones that prick your skin, burn your eyes, and slice your soul. But no matter how much you try to exhale all of them out, you can’t seem to be able to do so completely. I see you struggling. I’ve talked to you when you were struggling. My dear, if the world seems like it’s against you and the things you’ve inhaled are constricting your veins, I’ll be here holding out my hand from where I am. From me to you, you will be fine. I know words can only offer comfort to a certain extent, but when your hands are shaking late at night, when your eyes are fighting to keep the flood at bay, when your body is bolting to leave, when your mind is screaming too loudly, and when your lungs are yearning to give their last exhale, I want you to go outside and look at the sky. Whether it be dusk or dawn, whether it be raining or shining, feel the air and reach for the sky. Close your eyes and remember to breathe in and out. There’s a whole universe inside you. You might be feeling heavy right now, but I can tell you that you will feel light again. You will soar up to the heavens and fly past your sorrows and aches.


My favorite gif from Coachella.